Introduce Talk Car

Expressing message,
app control LED  

Talk Car is a vehicle messenger that alleviates problems caused by disconnected driver-to-driver communication.

It is an expression medium that delivers messages such as "Thank you," "I'm sorry," and "Give in Driving" to the rear vehicle, and delivers the desired message or graphic. It can be easily implemented on a transparent LED display that does not interfere with the driver's view through mobile apps and wireless transmission.

Minimal and 
witty design

Message application talk bubble image by applying the friendly and witty, silicon panel is Flexible and transparent body frame and product design also contact can be bent glass in the rear of the vehicle.

Display, comprises devices, applications and viscous body structure is natural and probable hardware can position parts.Other than internal parts back and forth structure in two parts, bonding, fusion, and to minimize the active use of parts designed to reduce the number of efficient production.

Thinner -2mm
transparent panel.

This is a distinctive features of the Talk Car led the film. General market for display advertising led and film clearly differentiated, very thin and light high tech materials.Rear blind, and with flexibility and transparency as well as the curved glass can be attached.

Talk Car same film than a quarter of a high level for third party enable the production at prices competitive.

The birth story
of Talk Car

I'm the head of a household in my 30s. Seoul, where I commute to and from work, was always blocked and the roads were stuffy. There is a car, but it is easier to give up the car and use public transportation. I was frustrated and uncomfortable with these roads.

One day, when my 6-year-old daughter was driving, she said, 

“Why are you so angry and say bad things when you drive?”

“No~ When did I get angry? I'm fine.” 

“No, dad, you just said something bad to that car.”

One day, when my 6-year-old daughter was driving, she said,

“Why are you so angry and say bad things when you drive?” 

“No~ When did I get angry?" I'm fine.”

“No, dad, you just said something bad to that car.”

Why? do I and you, who are proud to be good citizens, become hasty, angry, and violent on the road?

I thought about this matter many times.

And the answer surely is not confident about the causes of problems, but I don't know what I can.

This is because car accidents are dangerous enough to die, and roads that are clogged are stuffy. And the most important thing is that we can't talk to other drivers while driving.
This is because if conversation between drivers is possible, misunderstandings with each other can be reduced, circumstances can be requested, and an apology can be made. We say "I'm sorry," "Thank you," "Help me." "Please." Even in conversations and gestures like this, Communication is important because they are citizens who can understand others.

Talk Car started with the idea of solving these problems. I didn't just accumulate capital by selling and providing services, but I thought and thought hard to achieve the goal of alleviating social problems.

TALK CAR  Time Line

Our goal

We are a number of setbacks, by developing a car and the pain.
Crawling again, but sometimes fall for a while, got up again.
The talk car will meet a number of drivers around the world, and soon.
Their frustration and would like to make happy.

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